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x_neopets_x's Journal

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Welcome to x_Neopets_x, One of livejournal's many neopets communities. Feel free to talk about anything neopets here. If you have questions, we're here to answer them. Claiming is also available with this community. Please make sure to read the rules, and Have Fun!:)

[*]If you claim something, you can only have Four claims per user. (Since really, you can only have 4 pets on a Neopet account!) :-P This includes anything neopet that you want. Just post on the community with what you want and it will be added to the claims list. (Please DO NOT claim something in a comment.)
[*] If you decide you would like to claim something, Check the claims list before you claim it. (Claims List Is Below!)
[*]Remember, if you are going to talk about something, KEEP it Neopet related! If you have Drama, take it else where, it's not allowed or wanted here!
[*]Feel free to just talk about anything neopet related. If you want, you can advertise a guild of yours (That's on Neopets!), or maybe your store on neopets in here, but DO NOT advertise other communities on livejournal in here, unless it's Neopet related.
[*]If you have any questions, Please POST in here! (Not in a Comment!) And if you really NEED to get ahold of me, email me! My email address is listed below!

All images © 2003-2004 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.

New Maintainer: Tesslyn tnmwloves69eamw Email: tnwloveseam0204@yahoo.com

Old Maintainer: Kayla beatle BYE!! :(

CLAIMS LIST: (Alphabetically By Username)
[D]desertrosenla Claims Quiqqles *You Have Three Claims Left!*
[I]inter_innocence Claims Eyries, Techo, Grundo, & Tonu
[L]ladylovecraft Claims Peophins, Gelerts, & Lupes *You Have One Claim Left!*
[T] tnmwloves69eamw Claims Aishas, Usuls, Bruces, & Kacheeks