Lovecraft's Seduction (ladylovecraft) wrote in x_neopets_x,
Lovecraft's Seduction


Ive been part of Neopets for almost 2 years now and I barely have had any worthwhile events...yet I see people who have had accounts for less then 2 months with 10 paintbrushes or what not. Anyone have a clue how I can do this?
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Yeah, that's always baffled me how the newer people are always so high up on things...

but I dunno how to acheieve the things the newlys acheive. Guess you just gotta be a neopetaholic....
i am a neoaholic but i dont have as many as they do i think that they have other screen names and just transfer stuff or have friends who give them it
Love your icon.....I have that sticker!
who me? oh thanks if it is me but if its not im now embaressed
I have noooo cllueeee...
Ive only been a member of neopets for 10 months, but the only painted pet i have is one that i found in the adoption center (Howww lucky!)

And i have a cybunny:D
I found a paintbrush once when I went to the advent calander when it wasn't december. Other than that, I never find anything worth anything. Then I see people who are on there a few weeks or a month and they have 10-15 or even more paintbrushes in trade. It seems so unreal.
lol u want get richer neomail me.. i am mad_is_fear2
u can check my pet to see how good i am;)
lol richness is easy just